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We are Daniele and Jon, a young couple from Donostia. There are two things that characterize us: exploring new places and meeting people from all over the world. We are a traveling couple, that whenever we could we have gone out to visit other cities, other countries wanting to know the local life, its culture and landscapes as a native. We have observed and learned from that to be able to take care of you and show you with passion our territory.

Our Mission

We strive to be the highest rated tour company in San Sebastian Get to know San Sebastian and its surroundings in a fun way, knowing from the hand of the local producer... You will get to know the Basque gastronomic and wine culture. You will enjoy incredible landscapes... Don't worry about designing the routes, driving visiting wineries or going crazy looking for where to eat, let us guide you and you will know the customs that every little corner of the Basque Country has. We have been working for years in the tourism sector between luxury hotels and private tours and we have the necessary experience for you to enjoy the Basque corners with us.

Jon Gurrea

Tour Guide
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Daniele Dias

Customer Service
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Position: tour guide

Favorite dish: txipirones en su tinta (baby squid in its ink) and txuleta (txuleta)

Favourite dessert: pantxineta

Favourite drink: red wine and txakoli

Favourite pintxo: grilled foie gras

Favorite place in San Sebastian: the Hotel Maria Cristina, I met my wife Dani there.


Being Basque is forever, I speak and live in Basque, in my neighborhood, my markets and my city and beyond. It is in my DNA. Being a traveler and rugbier too.

Kaixo! (Hi in basque language). I am Jon Gurrea and I am Basque, traveler and rugbier for a lifetime. I like sport activities such as outdoors, kayaking, fishing; as well as photography and a bit of reading too.

I also adore eating pintxos, drinking wine, cooking and shopping in the market! My salesmen are as if they were family!History is another thing I like very much. I would like to live so many key moments at different stages of time ….

My uncle Jexux taught me from a young age that a trip is the means to reach knowledge, to enjoy the show, feeling the experience. This knowledge could come from a country, a culture, a landscape, history, gastronomy …. I have traveled a while and since then I have learned a lot. I was curious, I mixed with the local people and savored a pinch of each of those lives living with them, listening to them, of course always eating and drinking with them and visiting their markets and neighborhoods.

I have worked in many different fields: been a cook, baker, adventurer, planting vine, selling local gastronomic products (such as cheese, anchovy, tuna, mushrooms, ..), driver, reception in luxury hotels,… I wanted to be a concierge and ended up being passionate about being a guide already some years behind.

It seems that these jobs have nothing in common but if you look, all the above makes sense to form me as a guide.

I will show you history, gastronomy, landscapes and I will lead you through out of crowd places meeting the locals in their daily lives, always enjoying a good local dish teaching you what we eat and how we eat.

Welcome and I wait for you promptly in your hotel!

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