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    French Basque Country

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These 3 villages on the french part are denominated as one of the most beautiful villages in France

They have a very charming rustic architecture and they are also well known for the sport of Jai Alai and trinquet, the Way of St. James, theater, its pastries, chocolate, cheese...

You will be able to play “pelota” (basque handball) with our expert guide and have some fun

Any village is made up of three of the most traditional elements of any Basque village: wooden houses of different colors (usually white, red and green), a church surrounded by the cemetery and the frontón (a basque ball game court) on the side

The most beautiful villages in the countryside of Iparralde:
French Basque Country

¿Are you eager to enjoy a spectacular day in a unique environment full of basque folklore and traditions?
Let’s enjoy a beautiful day visiting the nicest villages of France in the countryside surrounded by gorgeous mountains​.
Ezpeleta in basque, is a picturesque village in the inland of the province of Labourd and it is well known for its dried red peppers, the famous Piment d’Espelette. It is pleasant to stroll through its streets and enjoy the unique landscape formed by the beautiful houses with dried peppers hanging from the facades and balconies.

We will have the opportunity to taste and buy some products made by this pepper such as a very tasty spicy chocolate. Yumiii!
Over the centuries it has served as a place of accommodation for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Remember that St James walk was a very important path in the medieval age.

The village consists of a main street lined with stunningly beautiful Basque-style houses. However, most of the original houses were destroyed during the Thirty Year´s War and the ones we see today were rebuilt in the 16th and 17th centuries. Holy mackerel, still very old and well conserved!

The houses are a perfect example of the local architecture, each with exposed stone corners and shutters in bright red and green. We will also have a look at the beautiful church “Notre-Dame de l’Assomption”, the cemetery and pelota court.
Our last stop. We will have lunch first, in a very special place, where the fronton trinquete is, which is a beautiful local handball court. After lunch we will be able to learn and play the game of “basque pelota” and see how skillful you have to be to become a professional.

Apart from the magnificent architecture, we will get nice pictures with the church San Martin or the other main pelota court. If you love cakes, you will have the best option to buy the famous “gateau basque” in the best place we know.

Villages in the countryside of Iparralde

French Basque Country
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